Your Pup’s Nose – Incredible! (Part Two Of Two)

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Now that we have a better understanding of how and what our pups are capable of smelling, let’s look at some pups who have the best sense of smell. We will also compare their sense of smell versus ours and learn more about what they can detect.

Your Sense Of Smell VS Your Pup’s Sense Of Smell

Like everything on this planet, bedbugs have a unique scent. Dogs who are trained to look for this scent can identify it and alert their handlers to the presence of these awful critters.

When humans are pregnant, our bodies produce certain hormones that also have a unique scent. A trained dog can pick up and identify this scent. 

Pups know when you are feeling stressed and out of sorts. This because humans produce stress hormones, and these hormones give off a scent that your dog picks up. 

Covid-19 causes the human body to emit certain hard to detect odors, which can be found in our saliva or and or sweat. Our pooch’s remarkable sense of smell is able to detect this odor. 

Which Dogs Have The Best Sense Of Scent Detection?

Although all dogs have a scent of smell which is nothing but amazing, the following breeds are known to have the best detection skills. 


Basset Hounds 


German Shepherds

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

Labrador Retrievers

Belgian Malinois

English Springer Spaniels



German Shorthaired Pointers


Pups with larger and floppy ears have an advantage when it comes to scent tracking detection. They incorporate their ears to essentially sweep the ground they are tracking. Their ears help to stir up the scent that was left behind by the person they are tracking, which keeps them heading in the right direction. 

With so many dogs to choose from, it is always recommended to first research which breed is best for you and your household. Purchasing a puppy from a puppy adoption store that offers professional services such as puppy care specialists is a great start. Come up with a list of qualities you are looking for in a dog and compare the qualities that each breed offers.