Twelve Tips For Your Puppy’s Health and Safety In 2021 (Part two of four)

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Now that we have three months of safety and health tips out there for your puppy, enjoy the next three month’s worth. Although all puppies are different and have specific needs, they all need one thing that is the same. Our love and care! A puppy will bring you years of happiness and memories and finding the right pet store, such as Premier Pups, will help you find your fur-ever friend!

April: April showers bring May flowers! Dogs love to be outside. Rain, snow, or other, they enjoy the great outdoors. It is important to remember that when your puppy is in the rain and gets wet, he will need a good bath and brushing after. Wet puppy hair can easily become tangled and matted. This is not only uncomfortable for him but also takes away from his charming looks too! A tip to keep your fur-ever friend from having tangled and matted hair is applying a dog-friendly, anti matting spray on his coat before brushing him. These sprays are available in pet stores and online. Your puppy will love you for this!

May: Spring has sprung, and a new change of pace to your daily exercise routine may include taking your pup to the dog park. As you open the car door for your pooch to hop in, he’s overly excited! He jumps in and off you go. Many of us often forget or may not even realize that even a few mile drive poses a danger to your pup. Your puppy is a part of your family and you always want to keep him safe. A very basic and inexpensive vehicle dog harness is the perfect measure to take for road trips. These harnesses are designed to protect your fur-ver friend the same way a seatbelt protects us. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

June: The warmer weather is finally here! With the warmer weather comes some of nature’s unfriendly critters, though. Ticks are out and about, and your fur-legged family member is a tick magnet! Tick prevention and detection for your puppy is essential. American Kennel Club’s Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Jerry Klein suggests the following measures are taken to protect your puppy from ticks. After consulting with your veterinarian, consider topical tick treatments, anti-tick collars, and shampoos. These will help ward off ticks, which can cause your pup health issues. After each outdoor play session, be sure to take a few minutes to inspect your puppy for ticks. Look especially on his feet between his toes, in and under his ears, under his legs, on his lips, around his eyes, and under his tail. One area that ticks tend to make a home is under your pup’s collar, so be sure to check there too!

This is part two of four in ways to assure your pup’s health and safety in 2021.