Twelve Tips For Your Puppy’s Health and Safety In 2021 (Part four of four)

Reading Time: 3 minutes

This is the fourth segment of how to keep your puppy healthy and safe in 2021. These tips and tricks will enhance your pup’s life. Caring about a puppy’s health should begin from day one. Only buying a puppy from a top-rated and well establish pet store that has impeccable values and morals is crucial.

October: After a summer filled with fifteen hour days of sunlight, we slowly but surely find ourselves noticing the sun setting earlier and earlier. This adjustment can take some time to get used to. As responsible dog owners, we need to put our pups’ safety first, especially while outside.

When walking our fur-ever friend after the sun sets, it is highly recommended that he wears a reflective puppy vest. These vests are an inexpensive and highly effective way to keep your puppy visible in the dark and will allow motorists to see him. Another great way to accomplish this is by having him wear a lightweight LED dog collar. Not only will your pup look stylish, but it will also greatly protect him in the evening hours.

November: Who doesn’t like Thanksgiving dinner? The one meal a year where the variety of food is like no other. Turkey to ham to stuffing to you name it! Much like us, your puppy is drooling at just the thought of this meal.

We need to remember, though, not all table food is safe for our fur-legged friends. Certain foods can cause digestive issues or even be toxic for your pup! An occasional approved treat is fine and will make your pooch happy, but it should not be routine. Here are some suggestions on occasional treats:

· Small amounts of lean bits of cooked turkey, beef, pork, or fish without the skin and without bones.

· Fresh and raw vegetables other than onions or garlic. Some good choices are carrots, celery, lettuce, and cabbage hearts.

· Cooked vegetables without butter and salt.

· A dab of peanut butter is okay for dessert, but remember this is an oily and high-calorie food.

December: Tis the season! The best time of the year for many. The time of year when your puppy wears reindeer antlers and small bells on his collar. With everything going on in December, we need to take a moment to remind ourselves that there are many dangers for our pups in plain view.

Let’s begin with the Christmas tree. Normally standing six to ten feet tall and filling your household with a great scent, your annual tree glows bright and is stunning! Its arrival officially begins the holiday season for many of us. With the tree comes the responsibility of keeping it watered. Dogs love water and are sure to find your tree’s water. There’s really no preventing pups from drinking it, so we need to make sure the tree water is often filled and remains fresh. Never put chemicals into your tree’s water which are sold to keep your tree lasting longer. These chemicals can be extremely unsafe for your puppy. Also, stagnant tree water is a breeding ground for bacteria, and your pet could end up with nausea or diarrhea from it.

Holidays candles look and smell great but can cause a hazard if left in unsafe places that are accessible to your puppy. Make sure lit candles are always placed in areas that your pup can’t reach or bump into and knock over.

Many of us have large family gatherings during the holidays. If your puppy is more reserved, consider providing him with a room in your home to relax while guests visit. Allow him to come out on his own when he is comfortable doing so. This especially for puppies who generally have a quiet home without children and or large families.

Before decorating with live plants, check and make sure they are pet friendly. Some holiday plants can cause your fur-legged friend serious medical issues if consumed. It’s always better to take a few minutes to learn about these plants first.

By taking these precautions, you help to assure a very happy holiday for yourself and your puppy!