The Top Three Best Cuddling Pups!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Playing fetch, going for walks, and chuckling while new tricks are mastered are all reasons why we love our puppies. Undoubtedly though, the most enjoyable activity with a puppy is good old fashioned snuggle time! What beats the feeling of your fur-ever friend curled up next to you relaxing after a long day? Their love and affection are like no other.

If you are seeking a puppy that loves to snuggle and be a tremendous companion, here are three of America’s top-rated snuggle breeds.

The first breed on our list is the Cavalier King Charles. These pups are absolutely adorable, soft, and loving. They make it a point to rest their little face on your chest and look in your eyes as they rest. These pups have a very warm and loving temperament and will be waiting at the door for you when you get home. They are also the perfect size pup for couch snuggling!

Coming in a close second is the adored French Bulldog. These stocky and cute puppies love three things. A good meal, a warm blanket, and a loving owner who loves to snuggle. Frenchies are not overly energetic pups, and much prefer spending one on one movie and couch time with their owners. They are a low shedding pup, which is great for people who suffer from allergies. They make an ideal pet for people who are seeking a true best friend and who love to take naps!

And finally, the loyal Bichon Frise. This breed of puppies are not only lovable but have funny personalities and love to make you laugh. Their soft and fluffy fur feels great to pet while their warm bodies snuggle up to you. They adapt well to their environments and are equally happy in a custom home or apartment. Their temperament is very stable, which is why families with children also seek out this breed. The Bichon Frise is sure to be a companion who will provide years of love and happiness.

When shopping for a “snuggle pup,” consider puppy adoption stores that offer these specific breeds. Speak with the store’s puppy care specialists to learn more about them.