Ideal Dogs For Retirees

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Many who have made it to their career finish line and are enjoying retirement often seek a fur-ever friend to share their time with. No more last minute meetings with the boss, long days at the office, or getting home late after being stuck in rush-hour traffic will allow for extra time, which can be shared and enjoyed with a puppy.

Below we will review a few dog breeds that make a great fit for retirees. They are a good balance between “active” and “relaxed”, which is what most retirees are seeking.

Toy Poodle: This breed is a classy, loving, and very loyal puppy. They are very smart and train with ease. They love to be around their family and do best with people who spend time at home with them. For families that are away most of the day, this pup can suffer from separation anxiety, which is why they do great with retirees who tend to be home often.

Bichon Frise: This loyal puppy loves his handler and does best when he is nearby. Known for its sweet temperaments and easy-going demeanor, this pup fits in well with everyone. For those who enjoy a little indoor and outdoor activity each day, this pup makes a great match.

Maltese: These pups quickly bond and attach to their owners. They do best when their handler is not away for long periods. A breed of dog that is eager to make you happy and who wants you by his side. They love being spoiled and the center of your attention. If a lovable semi-active pup is what you are looking for, this breed makes a great fit.

French Bulldog: The Frenchie… One of the best breeds known to man. This puppy loves a quality snuggle and nap after going for a healthy walk outside. With an amazing temperament and great personality, this pup is sure to win your heart. He much prefers one on one time with his best friend and does not like to be left for long periods of time. This pup is the perfect match for someone who spends most of his or her day at home yet likes to stay semi-active.

Pomeranian: Soft, warm, and fuzzy, the Pomeranian is simply adorable. They are one of Americas’s top breeds of dogs and do well in all sorts of households. They seem to do best in households where someone is home during the day because they become very attached to their families. For those who enjoy a twenty-minute evening walk and a good movie after, this pup is sure to be a good pick.

When shopping for your fur-legged friend, it is always recommended that you shop from reputable puppy adoption stores that stand behind their puppies. A reputable store will offer health guarantees and have a team of puppy care specialists to guide you through the adoption process. Many new puppy owners will have questions after bringing their puppy home and having a reliable and knowledgeable puppy care specialist to talk to is always a big help.