How to Purchase a Dog Safely Online

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Find a reputable breeder

34% of dogs are obtained through a breeder– that’s a pretty significant number. The best way to find a responsible dog breeder is to ask around your local area or find a trusted online pet breeder by researching their reviews, guarantees, and breeders. You may also want to reach out to your local veterinarians, dog trainers or local breed clubs.

Speak to the breeder

A knowledgeable and trusted breeder will be able to answer all of your questions and concerns. In return, they will ask you plenty of questions to be certain that you can take care of the dog and ensure that the dog will have a safe, happy and healthy home.

Ask for references

A reputable breeder will have no problem handing over references of prior clients for you to speak with. If the breeder can’t offer you this, take this as a red flag.

Ask to see the puppies on a live web cam

You want to see your puppy before you purchase it and pictures aren’t really telling you too much about their health or well-being. Ask to see the puppies live and also their living area – check for signs that it is clean, quiet and safe. Again, a reputable breeder will have no issue doing this for you, though you may need to schedule a time in advance.

Ask about warranties

The health of your new family member should be a breeder’s primary concern. Practicing precaution and making sure that each puppy is healthy and has its initial vaccines before going into a new home is paramount to the overall well-being of these little ones. A reputable breeder will most often have a warranty to cover any unexpected costs associated with an illness that wasn’t discovered prior to purchase.

Read the reviews

Find out what others are saying. A reputable breeder in addition to references will have good reviews. Reviews are most often left after the transaction has been made and the pups are settled into their new homes. You can find a lot out just be scrolling through.

Purchasing a new puppy can be an exciting and yet scary venture. Make sure to ask plenty of questions and be comfortable with a breeder before moving on. Always speak to someone over the phone or in person. To find out more on how you can bring home your “furever” pet, please visit: