Giddy Up Cowboy Corgi!

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With the intelligence of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the work ethic of the Australian Cattle Dog, this little cattle herding cowboy will be at the heart of any farm or ranch. Happiest when put to work, you can be assured that this little one will be your best farmhand yet.

Are all Cowboy Corgi’s working dogs?

Though, not all Cowboy Corgis are working dogs they are best suited for highly active individuals or families. These loyal and loveable pups are always up for any adventure as long as they can burn some energy and keep their “pack” together.

How big do they get?

These rascally pups take after their Corgi parent in appearance with a long body and a short stature. Weighing in at under 30 lbs. you can rest assured knowing that these little cowboys pack a lot of strength and endurance for their small stature.

Do they still need exercise if they’re working dogs?

Even though they are hard workers they still have a primal instinct for daily walks and active play- and in their younger years they still have plenty of stamina and energy at the end of the work day. Open spaces and active lifestyles are what they live for. You’re probably thinking…do they ever relax? Yes! At the end of a long day they will gladly curl up next to your feet or even on the couch sitting next to you.

Are the easy to maintain as far as grooming?

The Cowboy Corgi surprisingly requires very little maintenance when it comes to grooming. They have a double coat that you can expect them to shed twice a year. Bathing with a high quality dog shampoo every 4 to 6 weeks will keep their coat shiny and healthy. Be sure to keep their ears clean and free of moisture to prevent infection and keep their teeth clean to thwart periodontal disease. Regular scheduled check-ups and cleanings at the vet as well as some healthy chews should be plenty to keep your dog’s mouth healthy.

If you’re looking for a cattle herding cowboy or an adventure seeking pal wrapped in a little package, then the Cowboy Corgi is definitely for you. To learn more about how you can meet your fur ever friend visit