Considering A French Bulldog Puppy?

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The French Bulldog, AKA The Frenchie, has become a tremendously popular dog in the US over the last several years. His adorable face, beautiful coat, amazing personality, and loving temperament are just some of the reasons this pup is as popular as he is today. He also has a
wonderful demeanor around children and very rarely shows any signs of aggression.

Before adopting your Frenchie there are a few things that are important to understand for his safety. Despite this breed loving to play, he does have limitations, which are important to know. His physical design prevents him from being outside for long periods of time in extreme heat. Unlike most other dog breeds, the Frenchie has a very short snout and airway which prevents him from naturally cooling down warm air as it enters his body, which can pose breathing issues. During the summer months, outdoor playtime is best completed before it gets too hot or after the day’s heat has subsided.

These pups love to swim and be around water with their families, but extreme caution should be used as they are not very agile swimmers. Many French Bulldog owners have their puppy utilize a water floatation vest while playing in the water. This allows them to enjoy pool time with the family while being safe.

For those looking for a snuggle buddy pup, you will not find a better one! This breed absolutely loves snuggling up with his owner and relaxing on the couch or in bed. He is just as happy napping with a family member as he is playing fetch.

When looking for a French Bulldog puppy, it is always a good idea to compare puppy adoption stores apples for apples. A quality pet adoption store will offer more than just a puppy. They will offer extra services that are designed to assure their puppy remains healthy even after adoption. They will also want their customers happy and tend to go the extra mile in doing so.

Something important to look for is a health guarantee. A health guarantee indicates that the establishment is confident with the health of their puppies. It shows that they care about their puppies and have invested the means in making sure their puppies were well-taken care of from day one.

Another big plus is if the store employees actual puppy care specialists over “cashiers.” A puppy care specialist is a specially trained member of the staff who specializes in puppy care needs. They have extensive knowledge about the breeds they offer and will work with their customers throughout and after the adoption process. It is always also wise to check for the store’s online customer satisfaction stories and reviews.

Taking the time to do your homework before shopping for a puppy will pay off in the long run. Buying a puppy should be a delightful and fun experience, and utilizing top-rated puppy adoption stores will help to ensure you have the best experience.