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White puppy maltese dog sitting on red carpet

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Gentle - Charming - Smart

One of the oldest toy breeds in history, the roots of the Maltese can be traced back to the early 1800’s. Though many claims have been made as to where they actually derived from we do know that they made their way to the United States through English importing. A true lap dog, this breed is perfect for someone looking for a companion that can easily travel and requires light to moderate activity.

Life Span

12 to 15 years


8 to 10 inches


6 to 9 lbs.


These charming little dogs pack a huge personality in a tiny frame. Gentle and well-mannered by nature they also are lively and playful and live without fear. They don’t realize that they are small dogs and so extra precaution must be given when letting these little ones socialize with larger dogs or children. Their trusting personalities make them loyal and devoted to their owners and family.

Training and Socialization

With their sociable nature and friendly personalities, training is a fairly simple process. They respond exceptionally well to reward based training and lots of praise and love. Because of their small size, early socialization is important. Exposing them to new sights and sounds will alleviate any anxiety that they may face in the future when met with larger animals or loud noises.

Appearance and Grooming

With coats of pure white and a silky straight texture, their stunning locks fall all the way to the ground. Regular maintenance and grooming is especially important with this breed to keep their coats smooth and clean. Their long coat can often make it difficult for these pups to see, so it is common for owners to put a topknot at the top of their heads. Routine brushing and cleaning of the face will help prevent any staining around the eyes and muzzle and tangles.

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