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Beautiful reddish havanese puppy dog

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Sweet - Loving - Intelligent

Named after the Capital of its origin, the Havanese, also affectionately known as “the silk dog”, is the national emblem of Cuba. Brought to the United States in 1959, these dogs were saved from an inevitable extinction and have since thrived in the States. These well-tempered and intelligent dogs make for a perfect family pet.

Life Span

14 to 16 years


8.5 to 11.5 inches


7 to 13 lbs.


Introverted in nature, these dogs prefer to stay at home in the company of their owner when given the chance. They have a calm and sweet disposition with a tendency to shy away from uncertain situations. Aggression is not a normal behavior for this breed, so if shown it must be corrected immediately through proper training. Though, they are home bodies by nature, they do still enjoy running and playing outside.

Training and Socialization

Quick and eager to learn, these dogs are extremely intelligent and excel at training. A reward based system and positive reinforcement works best with them as their pride can be easily hurt if they are met with negative enforcement. Because of their shy nature, early socialization is important to keep them from developing social anxiety around strangers and other dogs in the future.

Appearance and Grooming

Small in solid in stature with dark eyes and a full muzzle- this breed more commonly has a shorter coat, but can also be worn long. Most owners prefer to keep these dogs trimmed for easier maintenance, which is a necessity. Routine grooming every 3 to 4 weeks in addition to brushing several times a week will keep their coat healthy and full.

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