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Playful - Obedient - Sporty

Recognized as one of the largest toy breeds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel also known as the Cavalier Spaniel originated during the 17th century in England. These cherished dogs are as affectionate as they are devoted making them a true companion.

Life Span

12 to 15 years


12 to 13 inches


13 to 18 lbs.


Known for their regal and well-mannered nature, this breed also has playful and active personalities making them a perfect fit for families. Because of their poised temperament they do have the tendency to be shy or unsettled around strangers. Early socialization can help ease any anxiety.

Training and Socialization

ITrue sporting breeds by blood the Cavalier Spaniel is often showcased for their athleticism in sporting competitions. Their loyalty and obedience makes for easy training with use of positive reinforcement and reward. Because these dogs also exhibit a softer personality any negative enforcement can send them into hiding. Early socialization will encourage good behavior and dull the feeling of panic and anxiety when amongst strangers and new environments.

Appearance and Grooming

Available in black, grey, white, red or cream with a long tail, small frame and a strong flat back, this beautiful dog carries its head and tail high when on the move. The Cavalier Spaniel coat is long and silky, often making it impossible not to rub on the ground. Regular brushing and scheduled grooming appointments are recommended to reduce shedding and keep the coat clean and shiny.

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